What is Home Fellowship Group (HFG)?

HFG is a small group of our church regulars who meet once a week to connect, support and spend some quality time with each other. Each week, our HFGs will study God’s Word through some helpful material provided by the church. We also share our needs and keep one another in prayer.

Who can join a HFG?

If you’re a regular in our church who hasn’t joined one yet, or a newcomer who plans to stay with us, then you’re highly encouraged to join one of our HFGs!

Why should I join a HFG?

Our church’s core convictions are to be a Gospel-centred, Word-driven, disciple growing, truth-in-love community of believers. HFGs are an excellent place to grow and practice these beliefs as a church; we open God’s Word, teach, love and care for each other as believers.

How do I join a HFG?

You may contact the pastor, the elders or any of the HFG leaders to ask for advice which HFG might be most suitable. Their contact details will be in the church bulletin when you come visit. The HFGs will gladly invite you into their groups the next time they meet!

See you there!

List of Home Fellowship Groups and respective group leaders as of 2018:

HFG Leader: Desmond Theng

HFG Leader: David Bong

HFG Leader: Roland Kueh

HFG Leader: Benjamin Baru

HFG Leader: Alan Bong

HFG Leader: Law Yew Kiung

HFG Leader: Ferguson Tan

HFG Leader: Lau Cheng Yuon

HFG Leader: Paulus Amin

HFG Leader: Francis King

HFG Leader: Patrick Teo