Dear church family,

We want to keep updating you where we are at in terms of re-opening KEC. Here is a reminder, once again, of our 3 navigating points. (Please see the pastoral update on 19th June for a fuller explanation of each navigating point).

Navigating Points

1. We don’t give up on meeting together.
2. We wait for one another.
3. We keep encouraging one another.

Other pastoral questions

In addition, a few of you might be wondering: what does it say about myself if I don’t want to go back to in-person church services right now? Is not going back a sign I am acting out of fear instead of faith?

In short, the answer is: it could be, but it’s probably not. It could be, of course, that you have zero sense of God’s sovereignty and goodness, and are driven entirely by the situation you see around you. Only you would know your heart, and it’s good to examine yourself. If that is you, then the Scriptures encourage you to repent and lift your eyes to trust in the One who is eternally good.

However, I believe that for the vast majority of you, that does not describe you. Instead, I believe the Bible gives us another category alongside faith and fear, and that is prudence. Proverbs 22:3 says “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” In other words, one can exercise genuine faith in God and still come to the judgement that it is actually wisdom to be cautious at this point and not return to in-person gatherings right away. Others might exercise similar faith, and judge that for them, it is loving for them to return as a form of encouragement and service. The key thing is: the prudent “give thought to their steps”, as Proverbs 14:15 puts it.

Where we are up to

1. The seating in the church hall has already been rearranged and marked out to comply with the social distancing requirements as set out in the S.O.P by the State Disaster Management Committee. This was jointly done by KEC English and Bahasa Malaysia.

2. We have accepted the proposal put together by the A/V team and have made the order for the necessary equipment (eg. camera zoom lens). It is expected to arrive in mid-July. In addition, we have made preparations for an Ethernet cable to be installed, also by mid-July. As a reminder, this is so that livestreaming can continue in the main church hall to ensure those unable to attend in person can still participate in the service.

3. A congregational survey is being put together and should be available for you to fill in very soon. This is to get feedback to see where we are as a congregation, especially with
regards to our comfort levels in attending in-person Sunday services. It also gives the church leadership more data to enable us to serve the whole church better.

4. Our Home Fellowship Group Deacon, Benjamin Baru, who oversees our ushering teams, will need some time to regroup his ushers, as he will need to ascertain if they are able to continue serving in light of our changed circumstances. He will likely also need to recruit new ushers, and also to (re)-train them in light of the new S.O.P.

5. We are slowly drafting and tweaking a Sunday service S.O.P, based on the state government guidelines, to try to be as comprehensive and clear as possible as to what would be expected on a Sunday service.

In the meantime

Our proposed timeline is for KEC to re-open in August. However, the main thing is that we have everything reasonably in place before we do so. In the meantime, our Sunday services will continue online, and our small groups are still running. Please do join us! If you have never met on Zoom before, it is not difficult to learn. Joining a Zoom meeting is as simple as clicking on a link! 😊

In addition, we have 2 webinars upcoming in July

  • “Walking alongside depression” with Dr. Ng Mei-Cheen & Pastor Brian (Fri 17th July, 8pm)
  • “The Chasm of the cross: Gospel-centrality in the believer’s life” with Pastor Paul Ling (Fri 31st July or Sat 1st August, TBC)

These webinars are designed to help strengthen us to keep living the Christian life. During this time, we want to keep in equipping Christians through whatever technological means we have at our disposal, so that we can all help each other keep running the race. Let’s keep building each other up, even as we long for the time when we can fully enjoy fellowship with one another once again.

Warm regards in Christ,

Pastor Brian