Hi church,

Just keeping you updated..

1. The plan is still to have the sermon livestreamed this Sunday, although with the additional movement restrictions I might be setting it up on my own from the office. Will let you know more details.

2. I am also investigating the video-conferencing tool Zoom, which might allow us to have a virtual prayer meeting, and possibly give your HFGs a chance to gather together online. It looks simple enough that even those of us not technologically savvy might be able to use it. Again, will let you know if there is progress on this front.

3. Otherwise, keep praying, meditate on the Word, exercise faith in the Lord, be wise in following the advice of the government and health experts, and where you can, keep loving each other and your neighbour. If you can have some downtime at home, don’t feel guilty about taking it.

Please also do keep in touch with each other, and forward any updates or communication to members who might not have access to Facebook or are on our HFG WhatsApp channels.

In Christ,
Pastor Brian