What are some of the ways you can redeem the time when lockdowned*?

*(We know, it’s not strictly one, but restricted movements!)

Here are a few options:

1. Our previous church camp/missions conference speaker, Michael Raiter, has an online video course on “Bible Overview” that you can currently watch for free during this time! It is part of a certificate programme run by Ridley College in Melbourne. Discover the whole message of the Bible in 6 sessions:


2. Reading good Christian material. There are some good Christian ebooks available for free. Perhaps try “The Hidden Smile of God”


where John Piper gives 3 short biographies of 3 Christians and explores how affliction bore fruit in their lives. Just scroll to bottom of page and click ‘Download’.

3. Explore our sermon archive, available at


4. For kids,
There is a simple Bible reading plan available at


Some videos from The Jesus Storybook Bible, a children’s Bible we heartily recommend:

A new beginning:

The young hero and the horrible Giant:

Light of the whole world:

How to pray:

We hope this would all help you!

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